Close-Tolerance Dimensional Inspection Solutions for Your Custom-Machined Components

Introducing LeanWerks’ New Keyence IM-8000 Image Dimension Measuring System

LeanWerks is committed to providing unparalleled quality and consistency through all of our strategically optimized manufacturing services.

As part of our relentless commitment to precision, our Utah-based production facility employs some of the industry’s most rigorous quality control and inspection equipment – including our latest inspection machine, the Keyence IM-8000 Image Dimension Measurement System.

LeanWerks acquired this advanced system in June of 2021 to improve our already-industry-leading quality assurance, inspection, engineering and customer collaboration capabilities.

High-Speed, High-Resolution Quality Control Capabilities

  • Nearly instantaneous inspection of a large number of features at once – up to 300 part features can be analyzed within seconds.
  • Facilitates greater process control by providing immediate feedback of in-process results.
  • Reduces Gage R&R through enhanced:
    • simplicity.
    • speed of use.
    • fewer tools used in evaluation of entire part.
  • Reduces load on coordinate measurement machine (CMM).
  • Excellent tool for visual feedback of inspection results, surface finish quality and edge quality.
  • Great collaboration tool for engineers and customers.
  • Equipped with rotary actuator to measure round parts.
  • Equipped with Z height probe to measure depth/height of features.

Your Single-Source Manufacturer Backed by Precision Quality Control

LeanWerks guarantees superior quality and consistency through all of our optimized CNC machining and contract manufacturing services. From the prototyping process to production machining, we provide superior CNC solutions certified to AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015 and  DDTC/ITAR quality standards. We strive to continually provide better parts for better production processes engineered for your unique industry and application.

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