Design for Manufacturability 101 – An Overview of DFM

What Is the Basis and Benefit of LeanWerks’ Expertise in Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Solutions?

At LeanWerks, we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our responsive, lean manufacturing services which follow the tenets of design for manufacturability (DFM). Our engineers collaborate closely with your business to develop a truly optimized CNC machining solution that guarantees quality, consistency and efficiency throughout your unique production process.

The Advantages: Unbeatable Quality Combined with Unparalleled Efficiency

  • Optimized component designs for reduced costs in production/assembly.
  • Minimized time required for product development through strategic parts planning.
  • Sustainably engineered for long-term production, both in materials availability and pricing.

What Are the Basics of Design for Manufacturability?

Design for manufacturability (often abbreviated DFM) is the engineering process of custom designing products to be as simple and efficient to manufacture as possible. DFM is not merely a means to reduce production costs (though that is often one of the major benefits). Rather, it’s a holistic approach to product engineering that can simultaneously improve overall product quality and consistency.

How Does Design for Manufacturability Improve Product Quality?

Simplifying the production and assembly processes can obviously yield substantial cost savings. However, beyond that, a simpler manufacturing process means less chance for production errors and less variance in overall product consistency. All of that equates to better, more reliable products. Additionally, through the DFM process, we are able to identify and resolve many unforeseen production issues in the design/prototyping phases. Eliminating such problems before they reach production further cements the quality of your product offerings, while also removing unneeded costs.

How Does Design for Manufacturability Reduce Production Costs?

Resolving manufacturing issues in the design phase is just one way the DFM process saves your business money. Through optimizing your designs for manufacturability, LeanWerks is further able to save you money on every manufactured part while also reducing the number of reject parts, allowing your budget to stretch much more efficiently. Finally, our design solutions are engineered for the long-term production of your products. Our engineers apply invaluable industry expertise while developing a strategic manufacturing plan optimized for both the size and scope of your production, as well as the unique marketplace in which your products will compete.

Your Single-Source Machine Shop Offering Efficient Design for Manufacturability

LeanWerks’ DFM solutions will efficiently carry your products from the cradle to the grave, minimizing costs and maximizing quality every step of the way.

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