What Is the Induction Brazing Process?

How Induction Brazing Works, Its Advantages and Applications

Induction BrazingLeanWerks strives to optimize the total engineering and production process for your unique application. Our methods include efficiency in design for manufacturability, as well as choosing the most efficient metalworking and fabrication processes specific to each project. To that end, our versatile capabilities include multi-axis CNC machining, hard turning/milling, custom-machined castings/forgings, as well as induction brazing.

What Is the Induction Brazing Process?

Put simply, induction brazing entails joining metals together through the process of induction heating. A filler metal, which has a lower melting point than the base metals, is carefully melted into a joint and then solidified. The result is a strong, reliable metallic joint that doesn’t require melting or distorting the base metals inherent in welding.

The Benefits of Induction Brazing

The induction brazing process offers numerous advantages in specialized, close-tolerance or complex metal joining applications.

Quality Joints in Both Strength and Aesthetics

Induction brazing yields clean and consistent joints due to the even, controllable flow of the melted metal. Induction brazed joints are leak-proof, offer consistent structural integrity, and yield a smooth, aesthetically premium finish.

Precision Heating

The induction heating process can be selectively targeted in tiny areas with complex geometries. These selected areas will be carefully heated without contact, while the surrounding areas are left unaffected. The induction brazing process is therefore suitable for delicate, close-tolerance metalworking applications.

Minimum Cleanup Requirements

Unlike other industrial heating processes, induction brazing minimizes oxidation of the working metals. Combined with the level of precision the process offers, post-production cleanup time and costs are substantially reduced.

Repeatability and Consistency

Because the induction brazing process is so carefully controlled, quality results are easily repeatable.

Superior American Manufacturing and Engineering Services

LeanWerks provides optimized production solutions backed by precision quality control processes. Our shop is certified to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 standards, as well as  DDTC/ITAR registered, in order to guarantee superior quality, consistency and discretion through all of our responsive manufacturing services.

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