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Extreme conditions demand better engineering
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LeanWerks is a precision manufacturing machine shop and engineering firm with the capabilities and expertise to make better parts for a wide range of industries.  From prototype to production, we deliver superior CNC machining and assembly services certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D quality standards.

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for Cutting-Edge Industrial Applications

Aerospace, defense, medical, high-speed automation, mobile hydraulics… these are the industries where you find the most demanding conditions – high pressures and high speeds, often coupled with extreme loads and temperatures.

In these high-pressure, high-wear, high-temperature environments, factors like tolerances, material durability, design efficiency, consistency of quality and reliability of supply, all have a significant impact on the operations of our customers.

Below are a few of the products we have produced. Each one has a story behind it — a mini case study of how we have made a part through our precision manufacturing process. More importantly, every one of our products tells a story about how we made a customer’s operation — better!

Read through some of our product case studies below to see what our state-of-the-art CNC machine shop has to offer.

Case Studies from the Shop Floor of Our Precision CNC Machining Facility

Inconel Hog-Out

This part is called a thrust brace – used in a down hole tool in the oil and gas drilling industry. It may look simple, but our customer’s previous supplier just couldn’t get the tolerances right, causing failure rates that everyone thought were ‘acceptable’ (because they didn’t know any better). We took a fresh look at the manufacturing process and came up with a way to nail the precision requirements.

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Plug Valve InsertPlug Valve Inserts

In the oil and gas pressure pumping industry, where activities like hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, cementing, and other well interventions are performed, working fluids are nasty and pressures are dangerously high. Flow control of the highest-pressure fluids (15,000 psi) is achieved using plug valves.

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Machined Investment Casting

Inconel Investment Casting

LeanWerks engineered a locating plate to precisely hold the casting after the first flange is turned. The locating plate stays with the part through all subsequent machining operations. The remaining machined features are accessed with accuracy and confidence since the locating plate easily loads on a fixture base at each subsequent machining operation. This is achieved by using hardened bushings in the locating plate and a combination of a hardened spherical pin and diamond pin on the fixture bases. The pin/bushing combination ensures a precise and repeatable location, and with the addition of hardened and ground mounting plates for the fixture base and rotary fourth axis for our milling operations, the center of rotation is also held true. Learn more >

Aluminum Investment Casting

LeanWerks rose to the challenges of manufacturing this complex, close-tolerance jet engine part.

Many shops avoid machining complex castings because of the variability of the beginning form and tricky work-holding requirements. Many design engineers delight in the use of investment castings because they offer intricacy of form with good dimensional precision relative to other casting processes.

Despite their relatively good dimensional precision, investment castings still require machining processes to achieve precision fits and function in high performance assemblies.

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Capabilities Snapshot

  • CNC Machining 3, 4, 5 axis milling
  • Lived tooled turning
  • Multitasking (11-axis)
  • Hard Turning/Milling
  • Machined Castings
  • Machined Forgings
  • Induction Brazing
  • Engineering:
    • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
    • Process Engineering
  • AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 Certification by NSF-ISR
    DDTC-ITAR Certified
  • Top Shop: HR Practices –
    Modern Machine Shop 2015
  • Technology Award: Business/Culture
    Practices – AMT/NTMA 2015
  • Best of State: Precision Manufacturing –
    Utah 2009
  • Utah 100 – Mountain West Capital
    Network 2008
  • Emerging Elite – Mountain West Capital
    Network 2005

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vex valveFluid End Valve

Oil and gas upstream operations involving acidizing, coiled tubing, cementing and hydraulic fracturing depend on critical components to maintain the highest rate of production at the lowest cost. In these environments, replacing worn fluid end valves accounts for the highest maintenance time. And valve reliability is critical because failure during a job takes a pump off line, causing delays.

MSI asked LeanWerks to take a close look at the valve options available in the industry (such as Novatech, Mission Roughneck, and Mission Service Master) and come up with a better design, better materials and a better manufacturing process.

The result? Longer-lasting MSI valves increase the time between required maintenance, resulting in longer run times and reduced cost per pumping hour. You can’t find a more cost effective full open fluid end valve.

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