Precision machining and engineering

LeanWerks is an ITAR registered precision CNC machine shop; certified to AS 9100D, ISO 9001 by NSF-ISR. We specialize in hard materials, complex castings, and forgings. From aerospace manufacturing and industrial automation to defense systems development and critical valve applications... We deliver innovative engineering solutions with close-tolerance machining capabilities to the world’s most advanced industries.



Manufacture, assemble, test, package, and deliver your products in a way that exactly meet your needs.

From concept to completion

Engineer your products then take them from prototype to production.

small runs

Machine in small lots with frequent deliveries so you don’t have to tie up cash with excess inventory.

Certified Precision

Our close-tolerance precision CNC machining capabilities are certified to meet or exceed AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.


LeanWerks specializes in manufacturing and designing components for operations such as drilling, pumping, high speed manufacturing, and sustaining heavy loads where you find the most demanding conditions, such as high pressure, high speed, high wear, and high temperatures.


Factors such as tolerances, material durability, and design efficiency as well as consistency of quality and reliability of supply, all have a significant impact on the operations of our customers, and they count on us to continually look for ways to improve their operations along one of these variables. That’s why we work with customers who value our drive to ‘make everything better’.

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Precision Machining

Made in the USA

Precision engineered Results

Case Studies

LeanWerks is renowned throughout the precision machining industry for our results-driven ingenuity in prototype engineering and manufacture. Moreover, our streamlined CNC machining and assembly shop delivers unbeatable close-tolerance manufacturing services to take your product ideas from prototype to production.

Click below to read about some of the most innovative custom engineering projects that LeanWerks has delivered.

Thrust Brace

A better Inconel hog-out
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Fluid End Valve

Improved flow and life for a better product
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Plug Valve Inserts

Cellular manufacturing resulted in better cash flow
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Inconel Investment Casting

Better problem-solving achieves meeting challenging geometry requirements
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Aluminum Investment Casting

LeanWerks rose to the challenges of manufacturing this complex, close-tolerance jet engine part
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Check out some videos from the LeanWerks CNC machine shop floor to see our advanced close-tolerance manufacturing technology in action. Feel free to subscribe to the LeanWerks YouTube channel for future video updates on our exciting CNC machining technology and custom engineering projects.